Mascot F.A.Q.


How do I get a commission & How often do you open?

Commission openings are announced first via Email Notifications and by social media posts shortly after. I try to accept commissions 3-4 times a year but this is subject to change.

Payment options? Do you offer payment plans?

I only accept Paypal (USD). A non-refundable down payment of 20% is required to secure your commission. Payment plans are flexible; the only requirements being that payments are made at least once a month, on the same day, with the minimum payment being $300.00 a month or a maximum of $600.00 a month. Together we can build a payment plan that suits you. I do not accept full payments up front or half now half later payments.

Can I request a quote?

Quotes are not available at this time. Please refer to the "Mascot Commissions" tab for information and general pricing.

Whats the best way to contact you?

The best way to contact me is via the Inquire Form. I will do my best to respond during work hours Mon-Fri 9am-5pm. Please be sure to explore the site and read my full FAQ & TOS beforehand.

Are we compatible as Client & Artist?

Please review my Compatibility Form for a better understanding of my work practices and what is expected from both client and artist.

How does the commission process work?

1.) I will make a commissioning opening announcement via Subscription Email and secondly via social media posts. 2.) The application page will open and you can submit your personal and character information. 3.) Applications will be reviewed and clients selected. 4.) Upon acceptance you will receive an email to confirm commission information, a password to access the private Work Queue and we'll finalize payment plan options and monthly payment due dates. You can also access my Work Blog at any time where I post frequest work updates. 5.) You will be sent a partial payment Paypal invoice for the full commission amount and will receive monthly notifications via paypal when your monthly payment is due. Your invoice will have a minimum payment amount that we will determine during the acceptance process. Your 20% non-refundable down payment will be expected once you receive your commission invoice and regular payments will begin the following month. 6.) Some preparatory progress will be made before payments are finished (ex: prepping the mask base) but the majority of work will be held until the invoice is paid in full. 7.) Once your commission is paid for and completed I will schedule a photoshoot and your commission will be sent to you via UPS for domestic orders and USPS for international orders. Your package will be insured, packaged securely and have tracking information.


Will you ever take mask only commissions again?

Only on special occasions or during promotions.

Do you sell resin bases alone?

No, In order to maintain the integrity of my work, I only sell resin bases as a part of finished products.

Do you make other species like cats, dragons etc.?

New bases are in the making. I currently have Canine & Kemono bases available for commission.

Do you ship Internationally?

I can provide international shipping at an additional cost.

Do you do at-con deliveries?

Not at this time.


Can I reserve a spot?

If you'd like to make an exceptional offer I can hold a space for you to ensure you get the next available opening. Contact me via the Inquire Form and I'll review your offer.

Can I commission a suit without certain parts?

I only accept commissions for full costume sets. - Partial: Mask, Arm Sleeves (to shoulder), Leg Sleeves (to knee) , Feet, Hands & Tail - 3/4th Suit: Mask, Arm Sleeves (to shoulder), Legs, Feet, Hands & Tail - Full Suit: Mask, Body Suit, Feet, Hands & Tail

Do you accept commissions with a deadline?

I do not accept deadline commissions at this time. In special cases I can offer a rush service at an additional cost.

What measurements do I need? Do I need to make a DTD?

I do not require DTD's for partial suits. Measurments will be requested upon acceptance. Additional measurements and photos for direct referencing will be requested occasionally.

Do I need a 3 image turnaround of my character?

A three image turnaround is not required but they are encouraged.

How long will it take to fabricate my commission?

Turnaround time varies depending on complexity of the character and my current queue. I will work with you one on one to give you updates and details on a case by case basis once you've moved up to the first batch and your commission is ready to start. Updates will be limited until you've moved to the first batch and any estimated starting dates are subject to change until then.

Warranty & Repairs?

There is a 3 month warranty included with every suit/mask/part commission. You can see the TOS for more information the warranty. I do not offer repairs on suits that have been used for 12+ months. Unfortunately, I don't have enough time to offer repairs like these.

If you've already started, can I ask you to change the design?

I wont be able to make any modifications to what has already been started or finished, but I can use the new design for whatever has yet to be started. If new materials are needed for the design there will be extra charges to cover material costs.

Can I buy left over fur from my commission to make extra parts/repairs?

I do not sell fur, but I can share where I purchased the fur.

How to be sure my mask will fit?

OneEyedDoe masks are one size fits most. Every mask is padded with removable Velcro foam. It is the commissioners responsibility to adjust the padding provided for the best fit.

How do I care for & clean my finished suit?

I provide a care guide with every commission that covers general care and other tips and tricks that could be useful!

What precautions should I take with my commission?

Keep in mind that your mask/parts are all pieces of artwork. They should not be handled aggressively, thrown, hit, or yanked as this may cause malfunctions with the design or permanent damage. These masks can not be machine washed. You can use "Spot-Shot" or similar products for quick and easy topical cleaning for your mask or any other parts that cannot be machine washed.

Can I commission a suit with additional interchangable parts?

Any extra parts must be ordered with the initial commission. I'm open to making things like a full suit + partial set to make the suit interchangeable from partial to full suit at an additional charge as long as they are planned from the beginning and completed as a set. - Partial: Mask, Arm Sleeves (to shoulder), Leg Sleeves (to knee) , Feet, Hands & Tail - 3/4th Suit: Mask, Arm Sleeves (to shoulder), Legs, Feet, Hands & Tail - Full Suit: Mask, Body Suit, Feet, Hands & Tail