Costume T.O.S.


Every item includes a 3 month limited warranty in which repairs and replacements will be made for free (not including shipping charges) that covers craftsmanship and materials. The Warranty does not cover items under the following categories:​ - Items that have been used improperly, or abused
- Items not covered by shipping insurance and arrive damaged
- Items that have been altered in any way


OneEyedDoe only accepts Paypal unless exceptions are made. OneEyedDoe is not responsible for lost payments. Payments must be completed before the products is sent to the commissioner.


If a payment is not made by the scheduled due date a late fee will be added to the original invoice. - 1 week late: +$50.00 - every consecutive week after +$25.00


You must be 21 years or older to commission OneEyedDoe.


OneEyedDoe is not liable for lost or stolen packages. Shipping insurance will be provided by default. Commissioners are responsible for all shipping and handling fees unless stated otherwise, this includes any additional charges from international shipping or customs fees.


OneEyedDoe reserves the right to post final product photos & videos. The commissioner is free to post photos of their suit as they see fit. Credit to OneEyedDoe is greatly appreciated, but not required. Photos and videos posted by OneEyedDoe are not to be used commercially for making products or other paid promotional material for the commissioner. Licencing for images and videos can be discussed.


Each client should be aware of the risk of heat stroke, and/or accidents from loss of vision quality. OneEyedDoe is not responsible for any injuries or deaths involving our Suits. Clients should always have a spotter who can guide and watch them. Please keep yourself healthy and know your limits, have plenty of hydrating drinks available and stay cool.


If a commission is canceled by OneEyedDoe for personal reasons, a full refund will be given including the 20% non-refundable down payment and a statement as to the cause of termination. OneEyedDoe retains the right to cancel a commission in the case of perceived harassment, excessive nagging or rude behavior. The 20% non-refundable down payment will not be refunded in these instances, it will be considered compensation for time spent organizing the commission and stress endured. If the commissioned design was created or provided by the commissioner, OneEyedDoe retains the right to alter the original design of any created items of canceled commissions to complete and sell. If the design was an original design provided by OneEyedDoe, OneEyedDoe maintains all rights to the design and are not required to modify it before selling. Refunds will be paid off in monthly installments.


OneEyedDoe retains the right to re-sell all items of canceled or refunded commissions. Clients may sell their finished commission without permission from OneEyedDoe. A notice of sale is appreciated but not required.


Clients may not sell their commission spot to another person.


Refunds have a 2 month processing time and up to a 5 month payout window. The 20% non-refundable down payment will be deducted from the refunded amount. Refunds will be paid off in monthly installments.


Any parts or accessories that receive damage within the 3 Month Limited Warranty due to abuse or other damaging factors that void the warranty can still be repaired, but will incur a fee. I do not typically offer a repair service for costumes or parts outside of the warranty period. If a costume needs repairs past this time I can provide tutorials or tips on how to easily do the repairs yourself.


Clients are not permitted to share work in progress photos or behing the scenes content without written consent from OneEyedDoe.